Pur-IX™ Advanced Ion Exchange System

In addition to our conventional ion exchange systems, Tonka Water offers the Pur-IX™ advanced ion exchange system. The Pur-IX™ system provides nitrate removal utilizing proprietary features to deliver higher efficiency than conventional ion exchange systems.

Key advantages of a Pur-IX™ system:

  • Compact footprint
  • Lowest salt consumption
  • Lowest waste volumes of any treatment option
  • Continuous and smooth regeneration
  • Minimal energy consumption
Advanced High Efficiency Ion Exchange System for Nitrate Removal

The Pur-IX™ system incorporates a series of ion exchange vessels, which are continuously cycled through water treatment and regeneration modes with a multi-port valve.  This continuous cycle process provide maximum resin loading but prevents nitrate dumping  with parallel vessel configuration.The primary waste generated from the Pur-IX™ system will be brine waste and relatively small in volume compared to conventional ion exchange.The multi-port valve is a patented product manufactured by PuriTech, and Tonka Water is the exclusive licensee of the technology in the United States municipal market.

There are currently over 30 installations using the multi-port valve technology incorporated in the Pur-IX™. The treatment processes include nitrate removal from potable water, as well as industrial applications. The largest of these operates three Pur-IX™ trains in parallel, treating approximately 9,000 gpm with ion exchange.

If you have questions about how an Pur-IX™ Ion Exchange system can address your drinking water treatment needs, Tonka Water can help design a customized solution to your application.

Contact Tonka Water to setup a complete ion exchange pilot study customized for your site specific constraints.

Advanced Ion Exchange Valve for high efficiency nitrate removal system

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