Arsenic Removal

Gravity Filter for Arsenic Removal Water Treatment

Many communities suffer from high levels of Arsenic in their drinking water supply.  Tonka's water treatment expertise has helped dozens of communities design water treatment systems that remove arsenic to levels mandated by US- EPA regulation and provide the safe drinking water their residents need.

Arsenic is a naturally occurring, primary contaminant found

in many groundwater sources across the United States. The USEPA Arsenic Rule, took effect in January 2006, requiring all potable water systems to provide water with an arsenic concentration of 0.010 mg/L or less.

The Tonka As+TEC process for arsenic removal incorporates the EPA approved “Best Available Technology” (BAT) of arsenic co-precipitation with iron. In many cases the best-suited, most cost-effective technology for the removal of arsenic is the complexing of arsenic with oxidized iron.

Questions about how to remove Arsenic from your drinking water? Tonka can help design a customized solution to your application, just send us an Arsenic Removal Inquiry with your question.


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