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Communities throughout the United States, though primarily along the east coast, midwest and in the mountains struggle with the presence of radium in their public water supplies at levels that pose risk to public health. Most radium contamination is attributed to natural sources, often occurring when groundwater is exposed to rock formations with trace amounts of radioactive elements.

In 2000, the US-EPA implemented the Radionuclide Rule to reduce the risk of cancer to the public from exposure to Radium and Uranium in drinking water. The rule mandates a MCL for combined Radium 226/228 of 5pCi/L. Lime softening, ion exchange and reverse osmosis membranes have all been identified as EPA approved “Best Available Technology” (BAT) for radium removal. The EPA also recommends consideration of other compliance technologies including pre-formed hydrous manganese oxide (HMO) filtration and radium removal media such as IMAR. Tonka Water has extensive expertise designing and manufacturing full-scale facilities that effectively remove radium using ion exchange, manganese oxide coated media and HMO technology including TonkaZorb, a pre-formed quality assured HMO solution. These systems have helped dozens of communities remove radium to levels mandated by EPA regulation and provide the safe drinking water their residents need.

Wondering what technology is best suited to remove Radium from your drinking water? Tonka Water can help design a customized solution for your application! Just send us a Radium Removal Inquiry with your question.

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