Every Tonka DTS is custom designed to meet your treatment goals. It's the perfect choice for low to medium flow rate projects.
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Building enclosure — The Tonka DTS building is customizable, from overall layout to internal and external finishes. Tonka works directly with the consulting engineer and owner to provide a functional building of which we can all be proud. Several examples are shown to the left and below.

Process treatment equipment — Tonka's full array of treatment technologies are available to be used in a Tonka DTS. Bring us a raw water quality and treatment goals and we'll offer a solution.

Piping / valves — All piping and valves associated with the Tonka DTS water plant are installed in the building prior to shipment. Working with a number of valve manufacturers affords us flexibility to accommodate client valve/actuator preferences.

Electrical — To minimize the time between plant delivery and plant commissioning, wiring of power inside the building is done prior to arrival on-site.

Instrumentation — All flow meters, pressure gauges, analyzers, etc are installed prior to shipment.

HVAC — The HVAC system is designed to accommodate any local climate, from the hot summer of the Southwest US to the extreme cold of a Canadian winter. The HVAC system is installed and wired prior to shipment.

Chemical feed systems — The chemical feed pumps, tanks, spill containment, scales, etc. are installed prior to shipment.

Controls / telemetry — The control system and telemetry system (if included) is completely wired and tested prior to arrival on-site. Factory testing eliminates control glitches during the plant commissioning phase.

Emergency stand-by generator — An emergency stand-by generator is available and comes pre-wired when included.

Other considerations — Pumps, lab space, restrooms or other additional considerations can be included in the Tonka DTS design. Contact us to get started.

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Tonka DTS streamlines overall project development and manufacturing
This plansheet is from an actual Tonka DTS project

Process treatment equipment—Tonka's complete line of treatment technologies is available:

  • Pressure filtration with vertical or horizontal filters
  • Gravity filtration
  • UF membranes
  • RO/NF membranes
  • Ion exchange

Built with your choice of exterior finishes—The exterior and roof of the building are customizable to fit in with local aesthetics.

Ideal for low to medium flow rate water treatment applications.

Meets local seismic and building codes—Tonka takes into account local seismic and building codes when designing the building, and all treatment equipment.

Suitable for all climates—The building and HVAC system of the Tonka DTS can be designed to accommodate any climate; from the heat of the Southwest US summers to the extreme cold of Canadian winters.

Manufactured in USA using American Union labor—We take pride in the fact that the manufacturing of the building enclosure and treatment equipment, along with the assembly of the entire Tonka DTS plant, are done in the USA using Union Labor.


We deliver the factory-built Tonka DTS plant to the job-site and crane it into position on the concrete support pad. From there it's only a few piping connections and electrical connections before commissioning the plant.
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  • No construction, installation or start-up surprises.
  • The delivery process of the Tonka DTS only takes a few days so there is minimal impact to neighbors of the plant as compared to a "stick-built" project that lasts months.
  • Fast delivery times—The streamlined timeline from design to plant commissioning is more efficient than a build-on-site project, saving both time and money.


The Tonka DTS is fully customized because we understand all waters are different and require different treatment technologies.

The Tonka DTS plant arrives and with minimal work to hook up piping and electrical, is ready to provide treated water. Controls / telemetry are factory-installed and tested prior to shipment so there is single-source responsibility for the entire treatment plant and its performance.

  • Offers the best solutions and the lowest amount of maintenance required—the same high quality as all of Tonka's customized water treatment solutions
  • On time and right the first time
  • Customer service is always available

Just add water.

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Tonka DTS Check-List

  • Raw water analysis data received and reviewed
  • Treatment process and plant capacity, identified
  • Treatment equipment sized, designed
  • Customized, operator-friendly building lay-out, designed
  • Structurally sound building, designed and constructed
  • Architectural interior and exterior finishes, selected and installed
  • Well and/or high service pumps, designed, installed and wired
  • Process and chemical feed equipment, installed, plumbed and wired
  • Mechanical and piping components, designed, installed and plumbed
  • HVAC, designed, installed and wired
  • Electrical components and instrumentation, designed, installed and wired
  • Plant controls with SCADA system; designed, programmed, installed and tested prior to shipment
  • Delivery of pre-piped, pre-wired complete Tonka DTS water treatment plant
  • Plant commissioning and Tonka Warranty included

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of project is suitable for a Tonka DTS solution?

A: The size of a project conducive to a Tonka DTS depends on the treatment goal and equipment selected. Typical flow rates could range between 25 gpm to 2 MGD, or higher.

Q: How much time can the Tonka DTS plant save vs. a stick-built plant?

A: It will depend on the scope of the project, but typically a Tonka DTS plant will be delivered in just a little over half the time it would take to construct a typical stick-built plant. Tonka's single source responsibility for everything, including electrical and mechanical requirements, makes projects come together smoothly for consulting engineers and plant owners.

Q: How much money will a Tonka DTS plant save vs. a stick-built plant?

A: This depends on the scope of the project, but it can save from 10-20% or even more. The final project cost will be complete—no on-site construction surprises.

Q: Are these plants designed in accordance with local building codes and regulations?

A: Yes. Each entire plant is designed in accordance with local seismic and building codes. In addition, each plant is UL listed.

Q: How can I learn more?

A: Click the "Get Started" button and fill out the form. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.



The Tonka DTS is a complete water treatment plant ideal for low to medium flow rate projects. It is custom designed with options to meet your project requirements.
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Tonka DTS is ideal for low to medium flow rate applications; our approach streamlines overall project development from initial design through plant commissioning.
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Every Tonka DTS factory-built unit is delivered directly to your job-site and craned into position on the prepared concrete pad. Tonka also delivers system responsibility for the full water treatment plant and its performance.
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Just add water. The Tonka DTS is truly a "connect and commission" water treatment plant solution. The fully customized plant is delivered ready to connect to the water source and be commissioned to deliver potable water.
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