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Nitrate Removal with Ion Exchange - McCook, NE
Radium Removal with HMO - article featured Jan 2011 AWWA Opflow


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Project Profiles

Tonka Water has installed thousands of quality water treatment installations across the United States and abroad. Here are project profiles of just a few of the installations and customized systems designed and manufactured by Tonka Water.

Project Application Treatment System
Albertville, Minnesota Iron & manganese removal

Horizontal pressure filters system refurbishment with Simul-Wash™

Anahuac, Texas

Turbidity removal

Two UTS™ package surface water treatment units with Simul-Wash™
Arcadia, Florida

Radium, sulfide & TOC removal, hardness reduction

Tonka Water ion exchange system
Attica, Ohio Turbidity, iron & manganese removal Three UTS™ package surface water units with Simul-Wash™
Baker, West Virginia Turbidity, organics, iron & manganese removal, Pathogen rejection UTS-M™, UTS™ package treatment units, Ultrafiltration Membrane System
Barnwell, South Carolina

Iron removal, water stabilization

Dualator® VI treatment plant with Silica sand/anthracite dual media

Bremen, Ohio

Iron & manganese removal, water softening

Dualator® VI filter & ion exchange softeners with Simul-Wash™

Burkburnett, Texas

Nitrate removal, water softening

Two anion ion exchange nitrate removal vessels, two cation ion exchange softners & a brine generation system

Calhoun, Georgia

Turbidity removal

Four horizontal pressure Clari-Filt™ trains with isolated cells
Camuy, Puerto Rico Turbidity removal on surface water

Two Heli-Cone™ filters & a Centralator™ with Simul-Wash™

Carmel, Indiana Iron removal

Three Dualator® III units with Simul-Wash™ backwash method

Channahon, Illinois

Iron, manganese & radium removal

Isolated cell horizontal pressure filter & TonkaBlend™ pre-formed HMO feed system and Simul-Wash™

Cidra, Puerto Rico Turbidity removal

Heli-Cone™ clarifiers, Centralator™ filters and cascade aerator

Coupland, Texas

Iron & manganese removal

Two isolated cell horizontal pressure filters with IMAR™ media and Simul-Wash™ backwash system

East Bridgewater, Massachusetts Iron, manganese, radon and CO2 removal Dualator® VI and Simul-Wash™
Forest Lake, Minnesota

Iron removal, hardness reduction

Dualator® I, ion exchange softeners and Simul-Wash™

Fountain Hills, Arizona

Turbidity, pathogen exclusion

Tonka Water Ultrafiltration Membrane System

Gautier, Mississippi Color removal Organix™ Ion Exchange system with Simul-Wash™
Groves, Texas Turbidity removal on surface water RotaClear™ and concrete gravity filter with Simul-Wash™
Hamilton Township, New Jersey Iron & manganese removal Horizontal pressure filters with Simul-Wash™, induced draft aerator
Harlan, Iowa Iron & manganese removal, softening and TDS removal Horizontal pressure filters with Simul-Wash™, nanofiltration membrane system and forced draft aerator
Hastings, Minnesota Nitrate removal

Tonka Water ion exchange system with counter-current regeneration

Independence Township, Michigan Arsenic & iron removal Four horizontal pressure filters with Simul-Wash™ backwash system
Kelleys Island, Ohio Turbidity removal Three UTS™ modular treatment units with Simul-Wash™
Langham, Saskatchewan

Iron, manganese, hardness & sulfate removal

Vertical pressure filters, nanofiltration membrane system, forced draft aerator

Lantana, Florida

TOC & color removal, softening

Tonka Water ion exchange system

Lathrop, California Arsenic removal Horizontal pressure filters with IMAR™ media
Los Lunas, New Mexico

Arsenic removal

Four isolated cell horizontal pressure filters with IMAR™ media and Simul-Wash™
Mahomet, Illinois

Iron removal, softening

Automatic Dualator® VI filters and ion exchange softeners

McCook, Nebraska Nitrate, arsenic, uranium and TOC removal, softening Ion exchange system including six cation and anion resin vessels
Meota, Saskatchewan

Turbidity removal

Tonka Water UTS-P™ surface water treatment unit with Simul-Wash™
Oshkosh, Wisconsin Iron & Radium removal Isolated cell horizontal pressure filter with Simul-Wash™ backwash method and TonkaZorb™ HMO feed system
Parker, Colorado Phosphorous removal

Three UTS™ package treatment units with Simul-Wash™

Parma, Michigan

Iron & manganese removal, hardness reduction

Ion exchange system, one isolated cell horizontal pressure filter and Simul-Wash™

Patoka Lake, Indiana Turbidity removal Centralator, Clarifier
Pembroke Pines, Florida

TOC & color removal

Tonka Water ion exchange system with Thermax macro-porous resin

Pomeroy, Ohio Iron & manganese removal, hardness reduction

Integrated Dualator® VI filter and ion exchange softening system

Pontiac, Illinois

Nitrate removal & softening

Tonka Water Pur-IX™ System

Purcellville, Virginia

Iron & manganese removal

Vertical pressure filters with Simul-Wash™ backwash method

Raymond, New Hampshire

Radon, iron & manganese removal

Dualator® VI with Simul-Wash™ and one forced draft aerator

Sangamon Valley, Illinois Iron & manganese removal and softening Dualator® VI filter with Simul-Wash™ and Tonka Water Pur-IX™ System
Schertz & Seguin, Texas

Iron & manganese removal

Multiple Cell Horizontal pressure filter with Simul-Wash™

Shakopee, Minnesota Iron & manganese removal Dualator® III filter designed with Simul-Wash™ backwash method
Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania

Iron, manganese, color and CO2 removal

Isolated cell Dualator® III filters with Simul-Wash™
South Lyon, Michigan

Iron removal

Expansion with four horizontal pressure filters and Simul-Wash™

Spanaway, Washington Maganese removal Horizontal pressure filters with IMAX high rate media
St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana Turbidity removal Three RotaClear™ clarifiers & a 6-cell concrete gravity filter
Tuckaseigee, North Carolina Turbidity removal

40’ diameter solids contact clarifier & two UTS™ treatment units

Vega Baja, Puerto Rico Surface Water Concrete gravity filters with BLEU underdrain
West Salem, Ohio Iron, manganese & TDS removal, hardness & sulfate reduction

Vertical pressure filters with Simul-Wash™ backwash method and nanofiltration membranes

Westford, Massachusetts Iron & manganese removal

Three horizontal pressure filters with Simul-Wash™

Willshire, Ohio

Iron removal, hardness reduction

Detention tanks, vertical pressure filters, membrane filtration systems and chemical feed system

Winnie, Texas Turbidity removal RotaClear™ clarifiers, 4-cell concrete gravity filter and Simul-Wash™


Tonka Talk Newsletter

Archive copies of our past newsletters


Newsletter Edition    What's inside...  
Tonka Talk Spring 2015
  • Tonka Water Introduces BLEU™ Underdrain
  • Product Highlight: DTS™
  • Dualator III: Engineered to Succeed
  • Tonka Water Selected for Minnesota Governor's Award
Tonka Talk Fall 2013
  • Ion Exchange Softening and Oxidative Ion Exchange Treatement: Arcadia, FL
  • Innovation Through Pilot Testing
  • Mining Technology
  • Customer Service: Water Hammer: What is it & How to Avoid it?
Tonka Talk Fall 2012
  • Biological Treatment of Ammonia and Other Contaminants
  • Surface Water Treatment Options
  • Revised 10 State Standards Available Online
  • Refurbishment at the Town of Merrimac, MA
Tonka Talk Spring 2012
  • Ultrapure Water with Tonka Ultrafiltration
  • Customized and Innovative — a Solution for Abbotsford
  • Tonka Ion Exchange system makes a difference in Morehead City, NC
  • Maintenance Tips Online
Tonka Talk Fall 2011
  • High Rate Media & Reduced Backwash Waster
  • Mudballs in Filter Media Beds
  • A Green Approach to Ion Exchange
  • Cleaning Filter Media
Tonka Talk Spring 2011
  • An Ion Exchange Solution at the Warm Springs Institute in Georgia
  • Commodity volatility impacting budgets
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane System for Uranium removal in Kit Carson, Colorado
  • Ion Exchange Removes Uranium for Bridgeport, Nebraska
  • Parallel Plate Settlers
  • Benchtop pilots for Organics treatment
  • Spring Tune-up for your water plant
Tonka Talk Fall 2010
  • Anion Exchange System for Nitrate Removal in Hastings, MN
  • The value of a high quality pilot study when designing a treatment system
  • UF Membrane Pilot Study in Baker, WV
  • Water Conservation Design for a 6 MGD groundwater treatment plant at Wells Ranch, Texas
  • Protecting pneumatic equipment from moisture
Tonka Talk Spring 2010
  • A Green Approach to Water Treatment for the Columbus Zoo
  • The risk to technical quality during tough economic times
  • Organics Removal with Anion Exchange in Ohio, Ilinois
  • Nanofiltration Membrane Treatment in West Salem, Ohio
  • Backwashing your filter media
Tonka Talk Fall 2009
  • Green Technology for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
  • Saving water with Simul-Wash™ combined air/water backwash system
  • Arsenic Removal Challenges for Southwest Communities
  • Assuring Safety with ASME Stamped Pressure Vessels
  • Updating Obsolete Controls
Tonka Talk Spring 2009
  • Ion Exchange for Organics removal at 12 MGD Florida treatment plant
  • Iron and Manganese Treatment in Massachusetts
  • Treating BTEX with an UTS treatment system for a Michigan oil and gas facility
  • WTP Maintenance Schedules
Tonka Talk Fall 2008
  • Remembering Appiah “Amit” Amirtharajah
  • Nitrate Removal with Ion Exchange in the Rockies
  • Organics Removal and Meeting EPA Disinfection By-Products rules
  • Nanofiltration and Membrane Pretreatment in North Dakota
  • Regenerating your Greensand filter
Tonka Talk Spring 2008
  • Steel inflation returns
  • GAC as Pretreatment for Membrane System in Utah
  • Arsenic and Iron Co-precipitation at Granger Rd WTP in Oakland County, Michigan
  • Pilot Study Capabilities
  • Monitoring Influent Water Quality
Tonka Talk Fall 2007
  • Radium Removal from Groundwater in Wisconsin
  • Automated Plant Controls for new Ohio plant
  • Michigan utilities take on Arsenic Removal
  • Mother Nature vs Water Treatment Plants
Tonka Talk Spring 2007
  • Water Treatment and Conservation in the Ethanol Market
  • 4MGD Ion Exchange System for Color and DBP problems in Florida
  • Award Winning Arsenic Removal Plant in California
  • Protect Valves and Solenoids from Moisture