Simul-Wash™ Backwash System


Simul-Wash™ is a proven sustained, simultaneous air/water filter backwash system that extends the life of filter media, minimizes backwash waste, prevents mudballs from forming and frees nearly all captured filter debris - better than any other backwash method available.

The introduction of air into the backwash process with a collapse pulsing action results in cleaner filter beds. The superiority of the collapse pulsing backwash process is well documented in AWWA sponsored and published research. (Amirtharajah, Appiah, etal. Optimum Backwash of Dual Media Filters and GAC Filter-Adsorbers With Air Scour. AWWA Research Foundation and American Water Works Association, 1991.)

Simul-Wash™ works well in a variety of configurations - from horizontal and vertical pressure filters to low profile retrofit applications on gravity filters. It also pairs well with Tonka Water Surface water products including Parallel plates and BLEU™ Stainless Steel Underdrain.

Simul-Wash™ uses up to 50% less water, conserving one of our most precious natural resources. Additionally, the unique water conservation feature allows for a significantly smaller backwash chamber, resulting in space and cost savings in plant design.

  • Surface water
  • Groundwater
  • Retrofits / filter upgrades to existing facilities
  • New concrete filter construction
  • Tertiary / wastewater
  • Gravity or pressure filter construction
  • Package plants
  • 30 years of success
  • Conserves water
  • Retains media within filter cell
  • Compact
  • Used with any manufactured or installed underdrain
  • True overflow collection design
  • Prevents mudball formation
Simul-Wash™ Reference Material
Simul-Wash™ Project Profiles
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