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    A Revolutionary Green Ion Exchange Technology -Tonka Pur-IX™

    Pur-IX™ Advanced Ion Exchange System

    It is now possible for designers to take advantage of the high efficiency of ion exchange without producing large volume wastewater by using the Tonka Pur-IX™ advanced ion exchange water system.
    This fully-automated system consists of twenty small, stationary ion exchange vessels. All are piped through a single multi-port valve. Each vessel is at a different stage of resin exhaustion, allowing complete exhaustion of the resin without disrupting treated water quality. This means less resin volume is required than a conventional system and less wastewater is produced. Six of the twenty vessels are in different stages of regeneration, which sends the regenerant solution through multiple vessels for maximum exchange and minimum brine consumption.

    The heart of the Pur-IX™ system is the patented PuriTech multi-port valve*. The valve contains an inner disc that indexes periodically to redirect flow and move the individual vessels through treatment and exchange. The internal valve disc itself is the only moving part, which accommodates true counter-current ion exchange while eliminating complicated valve nests and indexing carousels.

    The Tonka Pur-IX™ system is applicable to any ion exchange process including nitrate, hardness, and organic removal.