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Tonka Water, a U.S. Water Brand, has been the leader in customized water treatment solutions since 1956. We have installed more than 2,400 individually designed water treatment systems across the United States and Canada. In 2017, Tonka Water was acquired by U.S. Water Services, Inc. (U.S. Water) headquartered in St. Michael, MN.  We provide industrial and municipal water treatment systems combining chemicals, equipment, engineering and services. Our systems are used for groundwater, surface water, and wastewater applications. Our mission is to be universally recognized as the most innovative and flexible provider in the marketplace by focusing on safe, economical and environmentally sound solutions.

Tonka Water’s design and engineering capabilities have expanded over the years and led to projects of increasing sophistication.  Its systems are comprised of a broad line of treatment equipment, including solids contact basins, clarifiers, gravity filters, pressure filters, packaged treatment systems, aerators, ion exchange systems, VOC stripping towers, cross flow membranes and other system components. Processes include removal of arsenic, radium, total dissolved solids, disinfection byproduct precursors and color.

Our commitment to quality begins early by understanding our customers’ requirements and meeting their unique application needs.  Our quality management system is infused throughout our internal processes; from project planning, fabrication and inspection, to our experienced on-site field service professionals, all striving to meet our customers’ expectations with every project. 

Commitment to Quality

Tonka Water, a U.S. Water Brand’s commitment to quality starts early with understanding our customers’ requirements and meeting their unique application needs. Quality is infused throughout our internal processes from project planning, fabrication, and inspection, to our experienced on-site field service professionals who successfully complete each project. U.S. Water’s Equipment and Engineering quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified, a measure of our pursuit of excellence in all we do.

Tonka Water is committed to providing clean water through the design, manufacture, and integration of water treatment technology solutions.


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Tonka Water has led the industry in identifying and innovating new technologies and processes to address the ever-changing requirements of owners and their design engineers. Our vast array of products proves that we continue to meet the ever-growing demands of the water industry. We continue to be innovative leaders to the world of water treatment, integrating and adapting new, improved and cost effective technologies.

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Our people are water treatment experts and they know that every water is different and requires a tailored approach to treatment. Our work starts with water quality analysis and treatment goals, and finishes with cost-effective installations that incorporate the best available technology.

Our goal is simple – On Time – Right the First Time

Our staff is diverse and our people hold a variety of educational, vocational and personal backgrounds. Every Tonka Water employee is key to our organization’s success, making us proud of our contribution to the water treatment industry.

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At Tonka Water, we pride ourselves on timely, responsive service for the owners and operators of our manufactured systems as well as owners of other systems looking for assistance. We take a systems approach, ensuring pinpoint manufacturer responsibility. We understand and guarantee regulatory compliance coupled with cost-effective systems that are unsurpassed. We constantly monitor our progress against deadlines and strive to improve our responsiveness. This operational philosophy permeates our organization, and maintains our focus on meeting customer needs.

All system components and fabrications are checked and then shipped to the job site, ready for assembly and erection by the installing contractor. Once the contractor’s work is done, Tonka Water’s field service technicians bring their expertise to your location.

Our experienced technicians put the system on line and fully train your onsite personnel in the proper operation and maintenance of the treatment system. We don’t leave the site … until it’s right!

And, because customer service never ends, we are continually available to provide service, whether that means answering questions over a help line, ordering new parts, or providing refurbishment as necessary – on both Tonka Water plants and those built by others.

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Engineering Assistance

Tonka Water offers system design and engineering capabilities spanning a complete range of flows and configurations. Tonka Water provides customized drawings and process diagrams along with life cycle cost analysis for alternative treatment selections. We are innovative partners that provide you with the industry’s best cost-effective solutions and performance guarantees.

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