Color Removal in Water Treatment

Color can be the result of several constituents in a supply water, but typically results from tannins and lignins (i.e., dissolved organic matter) or other naturally occurring compounds. 

Tonka Water’s proven solution for color removal is ion exchange utilizing anion exchange resin specifically designed for removing the organics associated with color.



Tonka Water Color Removal Technologies

Tonka Water ion exchange vessels systems are designed with engineered resin support and flow distribution allowing for highly efficient treatment. Tonka Water offers pilot testing to optimize an existing plant or to assist in the design of a new plant.  


Tonka Water brings unparalleled experience in municipal anion exchange for  color removal.

Ion Exchange Systems
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City of Gautier

Gautier, MS
The City of Gautier is located in Jackson County along the Gulf of Mexico west of Pascagoula. Residents of Gautier were experiencing a brown tint in their water and had voiced concerns about the color and slight odor.
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City of Lantana

Lantana, FL
The Town of Lantana chose to work with Tonka Water to design an economical and efficient ion exchange treatment system, which meets all current and anticipated regulations.
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Each plant has different design parameters involving various chemical feed systems with variations in detention times and filtration media. Because each color removal situation is unique, we offer pilot testing to optimize an existing plant or to assist in the design of a new plant. Call your Tonka Water Representative for more information on color removal or any other water treatment needs you may have.

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