The Common Contaminant, Manganese

Manganese is typically present in most groundwaters and some surface waters, especially certain impounded supplies. The secondary maximum contaminant (SMCL) for manganese is 0.05 mg/L. Manganese dissolves in water, can stain clothing and fixtures with a distinctive black color and is traditionally removed by oxidation, detention and filtration. Oxide coated medias such as Tonka Water’s specially developed IMAX™, Iron Man™, IMAR™ and manganese greensand are typically used for filtration.

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Tonka Water Manganese Removal Technologies

Tonka Water offers pilot testing to optimize an existing plant or to assist in the design of a new plant.  

Dualator®(III and VI) Series

This family of multi-process groundwater treatment systems comes in a single pre-engineered package of aeration, detention and filtration.

The Dualator® III is our most versatile and compact package filtration system for groundwater treatment. The Dualator® III is a low profile system suitable for removal of any combination of iron and/or manganese. It is equipped with a low profile aerator for oxidation, followed by auxiliary oxidant addition, 30 minute detention with baffled setting compartment, and a 4 celled gravity filter. 

The Dualator® VI is a free-standing unit that incorporates aeration, detention and filtration in a circular configuration. In moderate to warm climates, it can be placed exterior to the water treatment plant, with functional piping and valves extended to within the building interior. When placed interior to the water plant, the aerator and detention sections of the unit typically extend through the roof, to prevent freezing and to allow for access to filtration from within the building. The Dualator® VI does not provide baffled detention or solids sedimentation.

Drawing of Dualator III Water Treatment System

OptaCell and VertaCell Pressure Filters

Tonka Water takes pride in our “State of the Art” pressure filtration systems. Our OptaCell Plus™ pressure filters featuring our isolated cell design are the smallest footprint of any pressurized system. Our unique arched plate underdrain allows for an unobstructed flow-way with low headloss, resulting in superior effluent collection and improved wash water distribution. The Tonka Water arched plate is a fully painted underdrain, extending vessel life and includes easy access for inspection and maintenance. Tonka Water pressure systems incorporate Simul-Wash™, allowing for downsized backwash waste/wastewater recycle chambers, reducing both construction costs and wash water consumption.

4 Vessel Water Treatment System


The Tonka Water Centralator™ is a four-cell cluster filter suitable for larger flow ground or surface water treatment in a compact, reinforced concrete configuration. It includes a gravity, four-cell common wall concrete structure, stainless steel center control column, central inlet distribution box and effluent/backwash control chamber. Featuring BLEU™ underdrains and Simul-Wash™, the Centralator™ can be highly space-efficient, especially for larger flows where steel construction isn’t practical.

Drawing of a Centralator Water Filtration System
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City of Carmel

Carmel, Indiana
Carmel, Indiana is a rapidly growing suburb located 20 miles north of Indianapolis. Due to the population explosion, Carmel was facing a water deficit and needed to move quickly to avoid summertime water shortages.
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  • DualatorVI Water Filter
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East Bridgewater

East Bridgewater, MA
The town of East Bridgewater began as an early industrial inland town located in the northern part of the Taunton River system in Massachusetts.
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Joint Powers

Cities of Albertville, Hanover, St. Michael, MN
The communities of Hanover, Albertville, and St. Michael realized their common interest of providing quality water to their respective communities.
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  • OptaCell Plus Water Treatment System
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Manville Water Supply Corporation

Coupland, TX
Continued population growth east of Austin, Texas at Manville Water Supply Corporation required more water to keep ahead of the growth curve.
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City of Purcellville

Purcellville, VA
Purcellville, Virginia, a short commute from Washington, D.C., is one of the fastest growing counties in the nation. To accommodate this explosive growth, the City of Purcellville needed to increase its water production.
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Your first step is to contact Tonka Water with your water treatment needs.

Each water is unique and may require different design parameters involving various chemical feed systems and flexibility in detention times and filtration media. And because each water is unique, we offer pilot testing to optimize the design, whether for an existing plant or new one. Call your Tonka Water Representative for more information on manganese removal or any other water treatment needs you may have.

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