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    Dualator III: Engineered to Succeed

    Tonka Water’s diverse product offering provides customers with the peace of mind of comprehensive engineering and execution. A great example is found in the design and application of the Dualator® III. This multi-cell gravity filter incorporates aeration, detention and filtration in one low profile vessel. Dualator® III filters are a great solution for a number of treatment needs including  iron, manganese, arsenic and radium removal, and membrane pre-treatment. This system also has many options for customization including Tonka Water’s unique Simul-Wash™ backwash system that cost effectively cleans filter media and saves up to 50% of backwash water.

    Carmel, Indiana

    One of many successful installations of the Dualator® III is in Carmel, Indiana. This community, 30 miles north of Indianapolis, designed a new iron removal water treatment plant around Tonka Water’s Dualator® III concept. This proved to be a very economical treatment solution that met the community’s treatment needs as well as streamlined the construction of the project through pre-purchase of the equipment. The Carmel Water Treatment Facility includes three 950-gpm Dualator® III units for a total plant capacity of 4 MGD. Each Dualator® III also includes Simul-Wash™, Tonka Water’s superior backwash system that saves up to 50% of backwash water waste.

    Water treatment begins as raw water enters the aerator at the top of the Dualator® III where air is introduced to promote iron oxidation. The oxidation is completed while the water serpentines through the 30-minute detention section. Water is uniformly collected and transferred by gravity to the filter compartment where it is uniformly distributed into each filter cell. It then filters through a dual media consisting of silica sand and anthracite where the iron precipitates are removed and the effluent water flows into the clearwell.

    The Dualator® III is a full system solution that meets a broad range of customers in both cold and warm climates. The design has a low profile that easily can be incorporated inside utility buildings, but is tough enough to withstand a more exposed environment outside of a building, in more temperate climates.

    Tonka Water has put significant design engineering into our line of Dualator® products in order to provide consistency in treatment throughout the years, proven again and again with nearly 100 installations. Our years of engineering and design of this product line guarantee our customers that they’ll meet treatment standards set by USEPA, 10 states, as well as Canadian standards, and we have no equals in the breadth of our install list.

    Take advantage of our extensive experience and the leading design of the Dualator® III for your next project!

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