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    Filter Media Core Sampling

    by Jeff Emerson, Tonka Water

    Cartoon Plumber holding WrenchLet’s take a look at how to assess the health of your filter media!

    Filter media has a typical life expectancy of 10–15 years. Based on your raw water quality and filter maintenance, media life can be shorter or longer.  Knowing the quality of your filter media will help to understand many performance and operational issues.  Tonka Water provides media analysis for filters or softeners at any time. Taking an accurate core sample is a critical step in having your filter media analyzed for quality.

    When collecting a core sample, first backwash your filter, then drain the water out. Using a 1¼” or 1½” tube that is 4’– 6′ long, push the tube into the bed and remove media from the tube. Push the tube into the same hole until the tube bottoms out at the gravel. A minimum 1-quart sample is required by the lab for an accurate analysis, so several core samples may need to be taken in different places throughout the media bed.

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