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    Telltale Signs That Your Aerator Has Fouled

    • Are you experiencing changing chemical demands?
    • A decrease in performance?
    • Water elevation rising in your aerator tower?
    • Has your differential pressure across the packing doubled since installation or your most recent cleaning?
    • Has your effluent changed? Periodically test your influent and effluent water, a change in performance can indicate that your packing is fouled.

    Any of these occurrences could be a sign that your aerator packing is fouled and needs to be cleaned. Maintenance schedules vary based on the biological and mineral characteristics of your water source. Regular maintenance and inspection will prevent costly future repairs and may indicate fouled packing, misaligned belt sheaves or worn out bearings.

    • Complete periodic maintenance on your blower components.
    • Check the belt for proper tension.
    • Lubricate bearings and any other serviceable fittings.
    • Check the amp draw on the blower motor.

    In addition to component inspection, we recommend cleaning the intake screen and mist eliminator on a regular basis. Dependent on water quality, quarterly or semi-annual inspections are recommended.

    If you have determined that your packing is fouled, we can help! Have questions? Contact us!