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    Healing Waters Steeped in History

    by John Berrigan, Tonka Water

    Roosevelt Warms Spring Institute

    The healing properties of the warm springs in Georgia were utilized by Native Americans and many others throughout history, but it was President Franklin D. Roosevelt whose visit in 1924 made the greatest impact. Since 1927, Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute has provided comprehensive rehabilitation “to empower individuals with disabilities to achieve personal independence.”  President Franklin D. Roosevelt founded the institute originally to treat persons affected by polio. The Institute provides rehabilitation to as many as 5,000 individuals a year from all over the United States.  Tonka Equipment Company was selected to soften the mineral waters of Warm Springs and provide facilities on the beautiful 950 acre campus with softened water—reducing the hard mineralized water and radionuclides to healthful levels. 

    Tonka Ion Exchange Treatment

    Tonka Ion Exchange Softening SystemWorking closely with the consulting engineer throughout the design phase the Institute, managed by the State of Georgia, wanted a highly reliable system for its medical facilities and its School for Rehabilitation Professionals. Ion exchange softening reduces the hardness of the mineral springs and assures that water for the historic campus is healthy and suitable for its mission. The Tonka  Ion Exchange Softener System provides trouble-free automatic filling of the Institute’s water storage. The Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation has continued as a living legacy for FDR and is now a National Historic Landmark. Tonka is proud of its contribution to the health and well being of everyone at the Institute.