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    How’s Your Paint?

    Do you ever lay awake at night and wonder how your paint is looking in the interior of your vessels? Doubtful. Should you be inspecting your interior paint in your vessels? Absolutely.  What should you be looking for? Corrosion and bubbling paint, paying special attention to check near the welds.

    So, why is this important? Paint issues can lead to leaks, eliminating the ability for the tanks to hold water, leading to system shutdown and all your media needing to be removed. Interior tank inspection can prevent costly repairs in the future and keeps your system running efficiently. When should you inspect your interior paint? The best time to perform this inspection is when you replace your media. We recommend you inspect your tank exterior at the same time so that any rust can be addressed simultaneously.

    Have any additional questions about paint or maintenance? Contact our service department and let us know how we can help!