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    Maintenance Tip – Time for a Spring Tune-up!

    by Steve Kari

    VP on Engineering, Tonka Equipment Company

    • Have treatment conditions changed? Check your influent water and effluent quality.
    • Are chemical feed rates set properly so that all iron and manganese is oxidized?
    • Have you checked that backwash cycle times are set correctly?
    • Are the Simul-Wash™ backwash rates set at the proper flow rates and frequency?
    • Have you checked media depths lately? (The depths should be recorded annually.)
    • Does your greensand media need a Potassium Permanganate charge?
    • Is the required chlorine residual going to the system?
    • Are the air release valves working properly? They should allow air into tank when tank is draining down for Simul-Wash™ step, and release air when filling after a Simul-Wash™ step.

    • Are you meeting your target for a specific water hardness?
    • Is the bypass operating at the proper bypass rate?
    • Are the air release valves working properly? They should release air when filling.
    • Is the softener stepping through a backwash program properly?

    Air wash Blower:
    • Verify that the drain solenoid is functioning and draining when blower is not running.
    • Verify that the AWI valves are closed until blower is on, then open. After the Simul-Wash™ time for air scour, the valves close before blower shuts down.

    Air compressor:
    • Is there an automatic blow down? Call Customer Service for information on a new “zero loss” auto (silent) blow down to drain condensate from air compressor. (800-530-1887)