Our Culture

We are an optimistic and enthusiastic group of professionals. We drive growth and learning and strive to build positive teams. We are passionate about our customers and providing them with clean water.  Here at Tonka Water we also like to have a little fun. From eating popcorn on Fridays, watching Big Bang Theory on Wednesdays or yoga on Tuesdays, we have something for everyone. We are also big fans of Minnesota; we have potlucks on a regular basis and even named our conference rooms after Minnesota lakes!

Tonka Water Guiding Principles

Our company culture is based on a set of Guiding Principles that we strive to live up to in all we do. 

Tonka Water achieves quality outcomes by systematically:

    • Understanding and meeting our customers’ expectations
    • Taking responsibility and solving problems quickly
    • Creating value through problem prevention and continuous improvement
    • Doing it right the first time
    • Communicating effectively

Tonka Water strives for integrity and professionalism in fulfilling its commitments to customers.

Tonka Water pursues excellence in everything it chooses to do. Tonka Water provides a positive work environment with:

    • Open communication
    • Encouragement for individuals to develop both personally and professionally
    • Commitment to treating everyone with respect and dignity
    • Fair compensation based on individual and collective performance
    • Tonka Water believes in individual responsibility and accountability within the context of a unified team effort

Corporate Vision

We have defined a long term vision for the type of company we strive to be based on market and operational needs.

  • We work to assure that our customized systems will meet our customers’ current and long term water treatment needs
  • We are a company that understands the costs of producing customized water systems. We continuously make operational improvements to be a market competitor, while optimizing value to our customers
  • Our people understand the internal and external sources of risk, and apply sound risk-based decision making in all they do
  • We strive to optimize allocation of resources to maximize value to customers, employees and shareholders
  • Fun with Root Beer Floats!

  • Popcorn Friday Fun

  • Our 60th Anniversary Celebration

  • A Boat Cruise on Lake Minnetonka

  • 2016 School Supply Drive

  • A Fun Day on the Lake

  • United Way Mini Golf Tournament

  • Golf Tournament Fun

  • Pie Eating Contest!

  • Lending a Helping Hand