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    President’s Corner – Industry Changes

    By Tom Davis

    Over the last several months, many changes have occurred in the water treatment industry. Mainstays of the industry have fallen victim of the recession and companies were sold and bought leaving the market unsure of their future. But, while the industry continues to change, Tonka maintains its strong presence in the marketplace.

    For over 55 years, Tonka has been providing custom water treatment systems to municipalities throughout US, Canada and Puerto Rico. Whether you are looking at a new water treatment plant or an existing plant, Tonka can assist you.

    At Tonka, we pride ourselves on timely, responsive customer service. And, because customer service never ends, we are continually available to provide service, whether that means answering questions over a help line, ordering new parts, or refurbishment as necessary – we do this for both Tonka plants and those built by others.

    Contact us, and we’ll help customize the right approach for your project – no matter what the variables are – and guarantee the results, too.

    The following article was published in the Tonka Talk – Fall 2012 issue. Click here to view the full newsletter.