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    Product Highlight: DTS

    Among Tonka Water’s broad product offering is the Delivered Treatment System, or DTS™, an innovative way to incorporate different kinds of equipment into a complete building. 
    Two recently commissioned projects illustrate how different treatment plants can be architecturally unique, but incorporate the same treatment processes. One project ended up with a traditional brick and mortar plant while the other chose the more versatile DTS™ option. Tipping the scale in favor of the DTS™ was the small footprint and easy integration with other on-site elements.  Both projects had similar flow rates and treated for iron and manganese. 

    Delivered Treatment SystemBoth projects had low flow rates (around 100gpm) utilizing vertical pressure filters incorporating the Simul-wash™ backwash system to treat for iron and manganese. Although the projects used the same equipment and had similar treatment needs, the DTS™ project proved to be almost 1/5th less in total cost. Choose the cost effective DTS™ for your next project – you’ll be glad you did. 

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