• BLEU Underdrain System
  • Surface Water Filtration
  • BLEU Groundwater Filtration
  • Turbidity Removal

The BLEU™ underdrain system is an integrated component to Tonka Water’s broad product offerings for surface and groundwater filtration. This innovative design for a stainless steel underdrain has key differences from other underdrains currently on the market, most notably air scour integrated outside of the underdrain.

Surface water, groundwater and retrofit applications

Combined with Tonka Water’s tried and true fine slotted stainless steel airwash laterals, BLEU™ eliminates dead zones between laterals, achieving complete media scour and turnover during backwash. Additionally, uniform flow distribution is achieved when integrated with Tonka Water’s Simul-Wash™ backwash system. BLEU™ is the lowest profile system available, and has rugged stainless steel, easy to install construction – all at a cost-efficient price.

BLEU™ has a dual chambered design, with air located external to the underdrain eliminating dead zones in filter media. It integrates well with other Tonka Water components in both retrofits and new concrete filter construction.  BLEU™ is easy to install, fits well into existing plant hydraulics, and is an engineered underdrain covered by Tonka Water’s full system guarantee.

Turbidity removal

Vega Baja Water Treatment Plant

Vega Baja, PR
Vega Baja is a municipality located on the northern coast of Puerto Rico.
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