The Centralator™ is a four-cell “cluster type” gravity filter system, generally of concrete construction, exhibiting an extremely efficient footprint. Centralator™ systems have a capacity range from one MGD to over 30 MGD and are cost-effective systems that feature center control operation, eliminating the need for backwash pumps or pipe galleries. It is an excellent system for any filtration application and can easily accommodate our proven Simul-Wash™ backwash process to make it an even greener technology.

Surface water, groundwater and tertiary/wastewater

The Centralator™ advantages include a compact footprint, reduced piping cost, versatile configuration and low O&M costs. Depending on selected media, a supplemental backwash pump may be required. 

The Centralator™ has a wide range of applications, including arsenic, radium, iron and manganese, and turbidity treatment.

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Patoka Lake

Patoka Lake, IN
Patoka Lake, located in southwest Indiana serves as a drinking water source for more than 65,000 residents across nine counties.
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City of Cidra

Cidra, Puerto Rico
As with many Puerto Rican water treatment facilities, the plant at Cidra uses surface water for raw water supply.
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Quebrada Water Treatment Plant

Camuy, Puerto Rico
This surface water treatment plant was installed in 1996 and has been successfully operating at its rated capacity since starting up in 1997.
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