The Clari-Filt™ water treatment system is a pressurized 2-stage physical/chemical treatment system. It is an ideal system for the removal of turbidity from groundwater wells under the influence of surface water and other similar low turbidity waters. The Clari-Filt™ system incorporates Simul-Wash™, our controllable air and water backwash process both  in the flocculation compartment, as well as in the polishing filtration compartment. The Clari-Filt™ can be configured horizontally and vertically depending on design flow rate.

  • Extremely compact footprint, especially when applied using Tonka Water’s unique isolated cell/vessel configuration.
  • Can be pressurized from raw water well through to distribution system.
  • Low cost of installation and operation.

The Clari-Filt™ system uses a two-stage approach to coagulate, flocculate and filter under pressurized conditions. Water passes through chemical addition and static mixing prior to coarse media flocculation. Effluent from the flocculation vessel is then delivered to an in-series filter.

City of Calhoun

Calhoun, GA
This water treatment plant is designed to remove turbidity from groundwater wells under the influence of surface water.
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