Tonka Water’s RidION™ ion exchange systems solve a broad range of water treatment issues from uranium removal, to hardness, barium, strontium and radium reduction to name a few. The RidION™ ion exchange systems incorporate the newest technologies in resin application and regeneration — guaranteeing an efficient and effective process along with operator-friendly custom controls.

The advantages to Tonka Water’s RidION™ systems are the PLC-based regeneration controls, and additionally, a unique non-plugging, non-corroding regenerant distribution system. All of our vessels are ASME stamped and certified, and meet ten states standards and other governing authorities. 

RidION™ systems are used to treat singly or combined anion and cation contaminants such as arsenic, organics, barium, radium, hardness, nitrate, sulfate and more. Tonka Water has hundreds of RidION™ systems installed throughout North America.

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City of Bremen

Bremen, OH
Due to continuing problems of iron and water hardness, the City of Bremen decided to build its own water treatment plant. The Plant Superintendent had previous knowledge of the Dualator® treatment system.
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Village of Mahomet

Mahomet, IL
The rapid population increase of the Village of Mahomet near Champaign, IL encouraged the design of a water treatment system that would provide the village with an adequate water supply for the next 20 years.
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