Design Build

Design Build projects emerge quickly and you need an experienced technology partner. Tonka Water’s unified project delivery through superior technology integration is your answer.

We are experienced and water-smart, with a successful track record providing water treatment solutions throughout the U.S. and North America, with over 2,400 installations. We have cost-effective compact footprints and water conserving solutions to meet your clients’ needs, and we work with our partners to best meet water treatment needs, using our years of experience and thousands of installations – all while guaranteeing results.

  • Systems responsible approach
  • Water conserving technologies
  • Cost-effective
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Innovative and reliable solutions

Tonka Water knows how to be a productive project team member beginning with project feasibility and conceptual design, through to detailed process design, manufacturing, commissioning, system installation and beyond. With Tonka Water, you get top-quality water throughout the life of your facility. Tonka Water can draw from a toolkit of over 30 products to fit a targeted solution in any phase of your project. Our broad and diverse product line provides you with the right water treatment system for any water application.

From gravity or pressure filtration to conventional clarification, solids removal, ion exchange, RO/NF/UF membranes or plug-and-play DTS™ pre-engineered packaged system plants, Tonka Water is your water expert with over 2,400 installations. Tonka Water offers internal controls and instrumentation/integration and automation capabilities.

Process and system responsibility – influent to effluent guaranteed – with post commissioning operation support available.

IronTOC/ColorEngineered filtration media
ManganeseFluorideRefurbishment of existing facilities
TurbidityHydrogen SulfideWater reuse and recovery
Disinfection by-product removalHexavalent ChromiumSystem automation