Dualator® I

The Dualator® I is a low profile groundwater treatment system, using an integral induced draft aerator for iron oxidation, followed by 10 minutes of plug flow detention meeting Ten State Standards for iron removal. The integral gravity filter is divided into a multi-cell configuration for optimum operational flexibility, and comes with our state-of-the-art  combined air water backwash system, Simul-Wash™.


The advantages to the Dualator® I are that it is a low profile design that is accessible during operation, incorporates Simul-Wash, has a wide flow range, is cost effective and meets Ten States Standards. The Dualator® I is also versatile, utilizing a variety of filter media including conventional dual media and oxide-coated media, and is easily adaptable to ion exchange for post treatment.

For a project in Forest Lake, MN the raw water supply is received from a Mount Simon well bearing an iron concentration of 1.1 mg/l and a hardness of 230 mg/l. The raw water flows to a Dualator I iron removal filter where aeration and filtration are accomplished in a single vessel. Aeration is provided through an induced draft spray aeration system where iron oxidation is accomplished and hydrogen sulfide is reduced. The aerated water falls directly into a multicell gravity filter where the iron precipitate is removed by filtration through a dual media, sand and anthracite filter bed. A transfer pump is used to draw from the effluent of the Dualator I gravity filter and pressurize 4, 7 foot diameter ion exchange softeners.

City of Forest Lake

Forest Lake, MN
The Forest Lake, MN Water Treatment Plant was constructed to meet the increasing demands of the City. This new treatment plant was designed to supplement the City’s existing water treatment facility.
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