Dualator® III

The Dualator® III is a low-profile system suitable for removal of any combination of iron and/or manganese. It is equipped with a low-profile aerator for oxidation, followed by auxiliary oxidant addition, 30 minute detention with baffled settling compartment, and a four-celled gravity filter. The Dualator® III is our most versatile and compact package filtration system for groundwater treatment. It is easily adaptable to include Simul-Wash™, our unique backwash system proven to reduce washwater waste.


The oxidation is completed while the water serpentines through the baffled 30-minute detention section.

The Dualator® III can be used for iron, manganese, arsenic and radium removal and is excellent as a membrane pretreatment option. It is rectangular in configuration with a multi-cell filter, but also includes an integral detention tank compliant with Ten State Standards. This design can be used where the effluent from the filter is collected by gravity and routed to a clearwell, or is pumped directly to the distribution system. It is relatively easy to integrate with ion exchange softening or other post treatment.

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City of Carmel

Carmel, Indiana
Carmel, Indiana is a rapidly growing suburb located 20 miles north of Indianapolis. Due to the population explosion, Carmel was facing a water deficit and needed to move quickly to avoid summertime water shortages.
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City of Slippery Rock

Slippery Rock, PA
The City of Slippery Rock is located in Butler County, in western Pennsylvania. The residents of Slippery Rock had dealt with deteriorating water quality concerns related to iron and manganese levels.
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Mdewakanton Sioux Water Treatment Plant

Shakopee, MN
The Mdewakanton Sioux community, located near Minneapolis, has experienced tremendous growth during the past 10 years. To keep up with water demand, the tribe turned to Tonka Water for assistance.
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