Dualator® VI

The Tonka Water Dualator® VI is a free-standing package treatment unit that incorporates aeration, detention and filtration in a circular configuration. In moderate to warm climates, it can be placed exterior to the water treatment plant, with functional piping and valves extended to within the building for protection from the elements. When placed interior to the water plant, the aerator and detention sections of the unit typically extend through the roof, to prevent freezing and to allow for access to filtration from within the building. The Dualator® VI is self-backwashing, eliminating the need for a separate backwash pump and supply. It does not provide baffled detention or solids sedimentation, as all water is delivered to the four-cell filtration compartment after aeration.


The oxidation of iron is completed via an induced or forced draft aerator integral to the unit. After approximately 30 minutes of detention, water is filtered and ready for distribution.

Tonka Water customizes each Dualator® VI treatment system to meet the requirements of specific applications.  The Dualator® VI includes a three-step process in one compact system – aeration, detention and filtration. The aeration step is for iron oxidation. If needed, calcium hypochlorite and potassium permanganate can be added after aeration for further oxidation of manganese. The detention tank allows full conversion of the oxidized iron and manganese to an insoluble filterable particle. The final step is filtration through a four-cell filter system using a dual-media filter bed of manganese greensand and anthraciteTonka Water IMAX or IMAR media, including greensand or other media. 

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Village of Pomeroy

Pomeroy, Ohio
The Village of Pomeroy required assistance in designing and building a new water treatment plant to treat the extremely high amount of manganese in its raw well water.
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City of Barnwell

Barnwell, SC
The Tri County Alliance, an economic development board, was promoting a new Advanced Technology Business Park at a former DOE facility. Infrastructure improvements were required to attract new businesses.
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Road Water Treatment Plant

Raymond, NH
Raymond, New Hampshire is a growing community east of Manchester. The town’s existing two wells had high levels of iron and manganese, which led to consumer complaints of staining and colored water.
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