Engineered Filtration Media

Tonka Water can custom select a media for any filtration application.  We have several engineered medias that have been developed for superior performance.  

The types of filtration media include IMAR™, IMAX™, Iron-Man™ Media and Dual Media.

Filter media proven for iron, manganese, arsenic, and radium removal.

Tonka Water’s IMAR™ is a proprietary dual media formula of anthracite and sand, designed for optimal filter efficiency and performance when removing iron, manganese, arsenic and radium from groundwater supplies. IMAR™ is engineered to provide uniform interstitial openings in the filter bed, promoting the capture of solids throughout the entire filtration depth. IMAR™ has the ability to capture primary and secondary contaminants and remove them to lower levels than conventional media while filtering at higher rates.

High rate media for manganese and iron filtration.

IMAX™ allows for high rate media filtration for iron and manganese removal. There is a proprietary blend of AWWA NSF media, high loading rates, a small footprint, contact oxidation and through this; the Simul-Wash™ process is required.

Filter media for iron and manganese removal.

The Iron-Man™ media filters for iron and manganese removal. It is cost effective and the customizable particle sizes are utilized to improve filter run length and prevent premature blinding. It should also become depleted due to improper chemical feed rates, in which the media can be recharged.

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Sangamon Valley Public Water District

Mahomet, IL
The Sangamon Valley Public Water District loacted in Mahomet, Illinois was looking to build a new water treatment plant to address iron, manganese and hardness in their water.
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  • OptaCell Plus Water Treatment System
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Manville Water Supply Corporation

Coupland, TX
Continued population growth east of Austin, Texas at Manville Water Supply Corporation required more water to keep ahead of the growth curve.
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Village of Los Lunas

Los Lunas, NM
Like many Southwestern communities, Los Lunas, New Mexico, found itself out of compliance with the new US EPA standard for arsenic in drinking water regulation, and in need of a treatment solution.
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  • Horizontal Pressure Filter
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Spanaway Water Company

Spanaway, WA
Spanaway is located in Pierce County, Washington approximately fifteen miles south of Tacoma. The Spanaway community was experiencing difficulties with manganese in their water distribution system.
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