Tonka Water’s Heli-Cone™ provides turbidity removal in a single hydraulically driven unit. It is ideal for high turbidity surface waters, lime softening, iron and manganese, and pre-sedimentation.

Surface water and groundwater; especially effective with reducing high spiking turbidity.

The Heli-Cone™ has a multitude of advantages over other clarification systems, including having no mechanically moving parts; inherent mixing, coagulation and tapered flocculation; a large retained slurry mass for high solids contact; helical flow hydraulics; easy slurry blanket re-suspension upon start-up and a controllable slurry concentrator for solids disposal.

The Heli-Cone™ up-flow solids contact clarifier is a proven hydraulically driven system designed to form and maintain a rotating, conical-shaped slurry blanket, through which water flows upward in an expanding spiral path. This design minimizes the energy input required for the maintenance of a slurry blanket and eliminates the mechanical problems associated with conventional clarifiers. The Heli-Cone™ provides a very cost-effective solids contact process for a wide variety of water treatment applications.

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City of Cidra

Cidra, Puerto Rico
As with many Puerto Rican water treatment facilities, the plant at Cidra uses surface water for raw water supply.
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Quebrada Water Treatment Plant

Camuy, Puerto Rico
This surface water treatment plant was installed in 1996 and has been successfully operating at its rated capacity since starting up in 1997.
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