OptaCell™ Pressure Filter

Horizontal pressure filters are used in moderate to high flow pressure filter applications. Tonka Water OptaCell™ pressure filters are incredibly versatile and can be constructed from 8 to 12 feet in diameter, have the option to be end or side piped, and can be constructed in a single or multiple vessel configurations. Our OptaCell Plus™ isolated cell configuration gives users the capability to remove a treatment cell from service while other cells remain in operation. This functionality enhances plant efficiency, saves scheduled down time and provides unique flexibility for plant operators.

The advantages to Tonka Water’s OptaCell™ horizontal pressure filter include ASME Code construction, certification and U-Stamped. There is versatility in the systems, with Simul-Wash™, water only, or air followed by water backwash. There are a wide range of options available for media selections and availability for future expansion. Lastly, it is operationally efficient and easy to maintain.

Tonka Water’s OptaCell™ horizontal pressure filter systems are suitable for a wide variety of applications including arsenic, iron and manganese, radium, organics, membrane pre-treatment and turbidity.

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Joint Powers

Cities of Albertville, Hanover, St. Michael, MN
The communities of Hanover, Albertville, and St. Michael realized their common interest of providing quality water to their respective communities.
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  • OptaCell Plus Water Treatment System
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Manville Water Supply Corporation

Coupland, TX
Continued population growth east of Austin, Texas at Manville Water Supply Corporation required more water to keep ahead of the growth curve.
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Independence Township

Independence Township, MI
Independence Township found much of its water would soon be out of compliance when arsenic standards changed.
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City of Lathrop

Lathrop, CA
The Northern California City of Lathrop, located in San Joaquin County, was in need of a new groundwater treatment plant, and turned to Tonka Water to provide the solution.
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  • Horizontal Pressure Filter
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Spanaway Water Company

Spanaway, WA
Spanaway is located in Pierce County, Washington approximately fifteen miles south of Tacoma. The Spanaway community was experiencing difficulties with manganese in their water distribution system.
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Forge Village and Nutting Road Water Treatment Plants

Westford, MA
Westford is a rapidly growing community outside of Boston and receives its water from eight groundwater wells.
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