Tonka Water  provides U-Flex™ ultrafiltration (UF) membrane technology for your most challenging water treatment needs. The U-Flex™ system is fully automated with advanced technology and internet-based control that provides online factory support in real time.

Surface water, ground water and ground water under influence of surface water

The U-Flex™ membrane is fully automated with a state-of-the-art technology, internet-based controls. It has easy access and repair and is Tonka Water guaranteed. It is one of our most advanced technologies and has the potential to meet existing and future stringent water quality regulations. The U-Flex™ membrane technology will also treat difficult source water with proper pre/post treatment.

The advantages of the U-Flex™ system include a tough, double-walled “outside-in” hollow fiber by Dow™, effluent quality ˂ 0.1 NTU guaranteed. Included are automated backwashing strainers, 130 micron protection and wireless internet-based data-logging and controls. The U-Flex™ system also treats turbidity, barriers composed of pathogens and solids.


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Fountain Hills Sanitary District

Fountain Hills, AZ
The Fountain Hills Sanitary District is located in the water scarce Phoenix metropolitan area. Regional utilities have become experts in water conservation and maintaining a sustainable community.
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Hardy County Water Treatment Plant

Baker, West Virginia
Tonka Water received a water treatment challenge from Hardy County, West Virginia for water supplied to the City of Baker from the newly constructed Parker Hollow Reservoir.
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