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As a manufacturer of membrane and conventional systems, Tonka Water brings you the best technology of both treatments in one system. As a single source equipment provider, we guarantee system performance of a stand alone membrane system or a membrane system combined with our other treatment equipment. Our membrane systems offer solutions across the full filtration spectrum: Nanofiltration and Reverse osmosis.

Tonka Water is the one company you will need to work with. We assure that a single manufacturer provides equipment and takes process responsibility. A thorough understanding of membrane pre- and post-treatment as well as proper application of membranes is critical to the success of membrane treatment projects. Our membrane systems provide solutions to the complex issues involved with membrane applications.

In order to succeed, treating particularly challenging waters may be a combination of conventional and membrane treatment equipment combined in a single system. By combining the best available technologies of conventional and membrane treatment systems, Tonka Water offers single-source responsibility for each project.

Flux RO/NF™  is utilized for removal of nitrates, DBP precursors, dissolved organics and softening applications. Reverse osmosis is utilized for desalination and removal of nitrate, chloride and other inorganic compounds.

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City of Harlan

Harlan, IA
The City of Harlan located in Shelby County, Iowa along the West Nishnabotna River, needed a new water treatment plant to replace their existing lime softening plant which had outlived its useful lifespan.
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Town of Langham

Langham, SK
Langham is a community of approximately 1,400 people located northwest of Saskatoon.
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Village of Willshire

Willshire, OH
This groundwater treatment plant is the first municipal membrane treatment plant in Ohio. The Tonka Water system is designed for conventional iron removal coupled with membrane treatment for hardness reduction. Special attention was given to provide the highest quality potable water without the generation of brine waste; a disposal problem often associated with ion exchange softening treatment.
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