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Tonka Water has a cost-effective, customized and user-friendly solution to the complex challenge of organics removal. Our Organix™ system is a proven and superior TOC, DOC and color removal system using organic selective ion exchange in a pressurized, enclosed process. There is no intermediate pumping required and the system is not dependent on flocculators, chemical feed, pH adjustment, gear reducers, mixers or other mechanical devices.

Tonka Water’s Organix™ is a conventional and proven process with an efficient footprint that is easy to install and maintain. System redundancy is inherent with Organix™ and controls are simple and easy to use. It’s a robust system that tolerates influent hydraulic and TOC fluctuations which often come from a well field. The system can be operated intermittently or continuously, providing up to 90% removal of TOC. As a systems responsibility manufacturer, we can guarantee effluent quality with Organix™.

Organix™ can be incorporated as a “slip stream” treatment as well as handle a wide range of organic compounds prior to disinfection. It is able to eliminate the TOC associated with THM and HAA formation potential. It can be fully automated for SCADA compatibility, and can be adapted for seasonal operation as needed.

The Organix™ process features in-vessel technology with an efficient footprint. There is no intermediate pumping required and the process flow remains pressurized. Organix™ avoids exposure to atmosphere and sunlight which may promote deleterious biological growth. Additionally, no unusual downstream equipment is required and a minimal waste stream is generated for ultimate disposal.

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City of Pembroke Pines

Pembroke Pines, FL
Groundwater under the hydrologic influence of the Florida Everglades produces water with high levels of total organic carbon (TOC) and color.
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City of Arcadia

Arcadia, Florida
To stay in compliance with the USEPA standards, Arcadia, Florida sought help from Tonka Water who assisted in the design of an innovative system, which uses ion exchange; both cation and anion; to treat their water.
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Village of Archbold

Archbold, OH
The Village of Archbold is located in the heart of an agricultural region in Northwestern Ohio. The water treatment plant was first constructed in the 1950’s, and expanded in the 1970’s. In 2013, the town commissioned an
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City of McCook

McCook, NE
The City of McCook, Nebraska has a population of 8,000 and a drinking water supply from nine shallow wells located in an alluvial aquifer adjacent to the Republican River.
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