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Tonka Water’s RotaClear™ provides high rate enhanced solids contact clarification in a continuous mixing environment, with slurry recirculation of pre-formed floc for chemical feed optimization, followed by upflow clarification. RotaClear™ clarifiers are applicable for projects involving lime softening, turbidity removal, color removal and the removal of suspended solids.

Surface Waters and groundwater

Advantages of the RotaClear™ are its innovative design, it’s ability to be placed in steel or concrete basins, controllable clarification, and it’s unique internal dynamic mixing chamber with continuous flow recirculation.

Raw water enters into the primary mixing chamber, where high flow dynamic mixing brings applied chemicals into contact with raw water as well as pre-formed re-circulated floc. This provides a high degree of particle contact in the primary mixing chamber before flowing to the secondary chamber where mixing energy tapers to a lower rate for additional floc development. The agglomerated solids eventually overflow the chamber wall to travel down the surface of the inverted cone, where heavier flocculated solids are re-circulated back into the primary mixing chamber. Meanwhile, clarified water flows upward, is collected and withdrawn by a system of surface launders located at the top of the unit.

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City of Groves

Groves, TX
Groves, Texas, the third largest city in Jefferson County, was looking to expand their water plant and replace their existing system.
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St. Bernard Parish

St. Bernard Parish, LA
The community of St. Bernard Parish designed and built a 12 MGD water treatment plant.
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Lower Neches Valley Authority Water Treatment Plant

Winnie, TX
The Lower Neches Valley Authority (LNVA) needed assistance in designing and building a new state-of-the-art 5 MGD regional water treatment plant.
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