Simul-Wash™ is a proven sustained, simultaneous air/water filter backwash system that extends the life of filter media, minimizes backwash waste, prevents mudballs from forming and frees nearly all captured filter debris – better than any other backwash method available. Simul-Wash™ works well in a variety of configurations, from horizontal and vertical pressure filters to low profile retrofit applications on gravity filters.

Tonka Water’s Simul-Wash™ backwash system is the only sustained air and water backwashing process using the “collapse-pulse” technique first documented by Amirtharajah in a landmark AWWA Research Foundation. Simul-Wash™ also meets Ten States Standards and has a low profile baffled trough design providing long and clear spans. Stainless steel is the standard construction for components uniquely suited for “vertically challenged” filters.

Simul-Wash™ is applicable with manganese greensand or any mono, dual or tri-media application. The key features of Simul-Wash™ are that it prevents media loss while using as little as half the water of a conventional backwash system. This allows the use of significantly downsized backwash system requirements. Construction costs and wash water consumption are also reduced, saving a substantial amount of money and water with every backwash.

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City of Gautier

Gautier, MS
The City of Gautier is located in Jackson County along the Gulf of Mexico west of Pascagoula. Residents of Gautier were experiencing a brown tint in their water and had voiced concerns about the color and slight odor.
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Trinity Bay Conservation District

Anahuac, TX
The Trinity Bay Conservation District designed an upgrade to the District’s deteriorating water distribution and plant infrastructure.
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City of Kelleys Island

Kelleys Island, OH
The existing water treatment facility at Kelleys Island, Ohio—built in 1973—consisted of slow sand filters for the removal of turbidity from Lake Erie.
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Village of Parma

Parma, MI
Due to the rapid growth of this automotive parts manufacturer, water demand within the plant had outgrown its water production capabilities.
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