• TriClear Solids Clarification System
  • TriClear Water Solids Clarification System
  • TriClear Water Clarification System
  • TriClear Clarification System
  • TriClear Clarification System

Tonka Water’s TriClear™ conventional propeller solids contact clarifiers are versatile upflow clarifiers suitable for a wide variety of solids removal applications.

Surface water with low to moderate turbidity, and including lime softening.

The advantages of Tonka Water’s TriClear™ solids contact clarifiers include a compact footprint; enhanced coagulation; tapered internal flocculation and proven upflow clarification. The clarifiers combine mixing, coagulation, clarification and sludge removal, and can be constructed for steel or concrete basins.

Raw water flows into the internal draft tube where it is mixed with a high-speed propeller mixer, and is brought into contact with previously formed solids. The mixture then coagulates and enters the interior inverted conical flocculation area where energy is dissipated prior to upflow by radial collection launders. Settled solids are simultaneously removed by full-floor mechanical scrapers.

Tuckaseigee Water and Sewer Authority

Jackson County, NC
The designed rate of flow for the plant is 1.5 MGD. Water is supplied from the Tuckaseigee river.
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