The SpiraClear™ has a small footprint and uses “pelletized” technology for lime softening systems.

Groundwater with high calcium hardness

The SpiraClear™ is of an efficient design, compact footprint and has a unit flow rate up to 700 gpm. Limestone pellets are produced instead of sludge, eliminating salt waste created from regeneration. The SpiraClear™ is particularly suitable for higher calcium, lower magnesium type hardness. 

Tonka Water’s SpiraClear™ is used to soften water by forming limestone pellets as the pH-adjusted water travels upward in a helical flow pattern. The SpiraClear™ is hydraulically designed with a water influent to enter tangentially at the base of the vessel which causes a swirling upward motion of the water. The helical swirling motion ensures thorough and uniform contact between the added softening catalyst and the water. The upward motion maintains the granular bed in a fluidized condition, with calcium precipitation on the granules, forming pellets which grow in size. Larger pellets are periodically withdrawn, with new catalyst being introduced, maintaining a consistent flow of softened water.