Tonka Water offers a wide variety of high efficiency aeration and stripping equipment for iron oxidation and gas stripping. We utilize unique, specially developed hollow cone pattern, inlet spray nozzles that are non-clogging and exhibit very low pressure loss. Based on the level of contaminants and specified efficiency, Tonka Water can provide an aerator or stripper to perform under a variety of demanding specifications including the treatment of VOCs, iron oxidation, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, radon, methane and carbon dioxide. A variety of construction options include aluminum, stainless steel, fiberglass and carbon steel, depending on the application. These operation friendly and low energy systems provide excellent aeration/gas stripping with low fouling potential, and optimized chemical feed requirements.

Groundwaters, surface waters, groundwater remediation and post-membrane treatment.


Tonka Water strippers and degassifiers provide guaranteed high percentage reduction of gases and volatile organic contaminants from groundwater sources. Forced draft designs are the norm using unique internal packing media specially selected by our application engineers for maximum efficiency. We also have degassifier designs that work with both low and high iron applications.