HMO technologies have over a 90% radium removal rate and can be integrated into many existing water treatment facilities. Tonka Water understands the radium removal technologies for municipal drinking water. We have experience-based knowledge of the radium removal processes and can engineer and build cost-effective solutions to meet any challenge.

HMO technology can easily be integrated into existing water treatment facilities currently removing iron and/or manganese. The process takes advantage of the natural affinity of radium to adsorb manganese oxides. The treatment process involves the preparation and controlled dosage of a pre-formed manganese oxide solution fed to raw water prior to filtration. Radium is adsorbed on the surface of the added HMO particles, which are subsequently filtered. The HMO is backwashed out of the filter media, ensuring that radium accumulation will not occur.

TonkaZorb™ is an NSF-approved, pre-formed HMO solution available in bulk shipments delivered to a water treatment plant to aid in the removal of radium. This economical solution can be used for both small and medium sized systems.

With the issues associated with feeding a slurry-like solution, Tonka Water developed the TonkaBlend™ system. Proper engineering considerations in the delivery system are critical to optimal operation and radium removal performance. The TonkaBlend™ system is a pre-packaged HMO feed system designed to avoid the potential pitfalls of feeding a slurry-like solution. It includes all the pumps, valves, piping and controls necessary to feed pre-formed HMO effectively while protecting your equipment from damage.

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City of Channahon

Channahon, IL
Channahon is a growing community of about 9,000 residents located 40 miles southwest of Chicago.
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City of Oshkosh

Oshkosh, WI
The Algoma Sanitary District No. 1 is located northeast of Oshkosh, WI. They have turned to Tonka Water for their three most recent treatment systems.
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