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Tonka Water, a U.S. Water Brand’s Unitized Treatment System (UTS™), utilizes a three stage process of flocculation, settling and filtration. UTS™ systems are versatile, used to remove turbidity in challenging surface waters. It can also be applied in any high solids removal application such as water reuse, wastewater recycle and processing of Title 22 water in California.

  • The key advantage to the UTS™ is its compact design occupying minimal floor space.
  • Our UTS™ technology comes with our Simul-Wash™ backwash system, making the complete water plant a green technology. We maintain gravel-supported media to ensure low headloss and conservative operation – and we guarantee efficient results.
  • The construction of the UTS™ can be steel, aluminum or concrete, and employs plate or tube settlers in the sedimentation section.
  • Our MechVac™ mechanized sludge removal system is incorporated in the UTS™ to ensure superior solids management and high productivity.
  • Uni-Pac™ is a settling enhancement using parallel plate technology. Whether incorporated in new or retrofit construction, the Uni-Pac™ offers maximum space efficiency in any UTS™ system.

Surface water, groundwater and wastewater

Tonka Water’s UTS™ is an enhanced coagulation filtration treatment process in a single package unit. The flexibility and simplicity of the UTS™ combine the time-tested technologies of flocculation, sedimentation, and filtration into an optimized treatment unit. Customized for your specific needs, the UTS™ is designed for use with chemical additions such as alum, polymer, and PAC. The UTS™ also meets all USEPA, Canadian, and Ten States Standards for turbidity removal, enhanced coagulation, pH adjustment, and as well as other standards for treating potable drinking water. To provide the utmost customized alternatives, we offer the UTS™ in carbon, stainless steel, concrete or aluminum. Contact Tonka Water for assistance in selecting UTS™ chemicals or control strategies, and take advantage of our hundreds of units in operation.

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City of Kelleys Island

Kelleys Island, OH
The existing water treatment facility at Kelleys Island, Ohio—built in 1973—consisted of slow sand filters for the removal of turbidity from Lake Erie.
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Trinity Bay Conservation District

Anahuac, TX
The Trinity Bay Conservation District designed an upgrade to the District’s deteriorating water distribution and plant infrastructure.
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City of Attica

Attica, OH
Attica is a small community in north central Ohio.
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  • Dell Iron and Manganese Removal
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Antonito, CO
The town of Antonito, Colorado was in need of a new water treatment plant.
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