Dualator® Series

Tonka Water’s Dualator® products are cost-effective solutions for many groundwater systems. These gravity filters incorporate aeration, detention and filtration in a single structure, considerably decreasing the footprint of a plant. They also have the capability of meeting a large range of flow rates, from 80gpm to 2MGD in one process train. Tonka Water can customize and provide the controls required for these applications, as well as include other features required for site specific applications. Dualator® Systems are designed to meet USEPA, Ten States Standards, and Canadian requirements for iron, manganese, and arsenic removal applications. They are ideal for Hydrous Manganese Oxide (HMO) radium removal and as pre-treatment for membrane applications. 


  • Advantages
  • Applications
  • Can incorporate Simul-Wash™
  • Wide flow range
  • Cost effective
  • Meets Ten States Standards
  • Versatile – can utilize a variety of filter media including conventional dual media, tri-media and oxide-coated media

Dualator® I

The Dualator® I incorporates integral aeration and direct filtration in a multi-cell gravity filter. This low profile, accessible system is designed specifically for iron removal.

Dualator® III

The Dualator® III can be used for iron, manganese, arsenic and radium removal. Like the Dualator® I, it is rectangular with a multi-cell filter, and features a baffled detention chamber. This design is commonly used in applications where the effluent from the filter is collected in the underdrain and routed to a clearwell or pumped from the underdrain to distribution or to further treatment.

Drawing of Dualator III Water Treatment System

Dualator® VI

The Dualator® VI has a vertical cylindical profile with capability to treat iron, manganese, arsenic and radium. This design includes aeration, plug flow detention and a four-cell self-backwashing filter.

 All of the Dualator® designs are customizable and can be fitted with an enhanced aerator or gas stripper.