Membrane Systems

Membrane Systems

A full spectrum of membrane filtration systems are available for removal of dissolved contaminants and turbidity. Tonka Water designs take into account proper pre-treatment to assure continuous removal of contaminants while minimizing fouling and extending operating cycles prior to cleaning.

Tonka Water has particular expertise for pre-treating water prior to processing through membranes.  Our unique, customized approach  to water treatment can save wear and tear on virtually any membrane application.  Contact us to learn more about our capabilities in membrane pre-treatment.


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In order to successfully treat some waters, particularly challenging applications may require a combination of conventional pre-treatment ahead of membrane treatment. Tonka Water’s unique knowledge allows for incorporation of multiple technologies into a single system. When combining the best available technologies for conventional and membrane treatment systems, Tonka Water offers single-source responsibility for each project and guarantees results.


U-Flex Membranes

U-Flex™ Membranes – Tonka Water offers Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane technology for your most challenging water treatment needs. The U-Flex™ system is fully automated with advanced technology and Internet-based control that provides online factory support in real time – with guaranteed results.

Flux RO/NF Membranes

Flux RO/NF Membranes™ – The Tonka Water Flux RO/NF™ membrane systems remove nitrates, sulfates, TDS and related hardness-causing compounds by use of specially engineered banked arrays of cross flow pressure membranes.

Flux NF/RO Membrane System

Contaminant Guide

Our extensive experience covers a full spectrum of water treatment needs and our process solutions are backed by demonstrated successes for thousands of installations across North America. If you’re unsure of what process is best for your unique treatment needs, our treatment experts can help analyze your situation and review your options.