An underdrain is a concealed drain with openings through which the water enters when the water table reaches the level of the drain and is located below a filter bed. Tonka Water offers several underdrain options to meet your filter needs.

BLEU Underdrain

The BLEU™ underdrain is a low profile stainless steel dual parallel underdrain typically used in concrete construction. BLEU™ eliminates dead zones between laterals, achieving complete media turnover during backwash.

Uni-Cast Monolithic Underdrain

The Uni-Cast™ monolithic underdrain is typically used in municipal gravity filters for potable, wastewater, and pretreatment systems. Based on the size and design specifications, we will design and provide all the components required to construct the monolithic underdrain onsite.

Header Lateral Underdrain

This common underdrain type, used primarily in pressure vessels, has a common header pipe going down the middle of the filter with a series of lateral pipes extending from the header.

Contaminant Guide

Our extensive experience covers a full spectrum of water treatment needs and our process solutions are backed by demonstrated successes for thousands of installations across North America. If you’re unsure of what process is best for your unique treatment needs, our treatment experts can help analyze your situation and review your options.