Village of Archbold

Village of Archbold

Location: Archbold, OH

The Village of Archbold is located in the heart of an agricultural region in Northwestern Ohio. The water treatment plant was first constructed in the 1950’s, and expanded in the 1970’s. In 2013, the town commissioned an update with ion exchange for organics to remedy the aging system. Tonka Water was awarded the project after a lengthy pilot study to prove the efficacy of the Organix™ process as well as the resin that would be used in the final design.

The water treatment plant features physical and chemical treatment on water pumped from the Tiffin River, over 10 miles away. The water is collected in two above-ground reservoirs located at the plant site where operators can select treatment from a particular reservoir depending on raw water quality. Water is first treated with potassium permanganate for algae control, avoiding the use of chlorine to minimize formation of disinfection by-products. The permanganate reactor is a converted rapid mix chamber with a single turbine-type mixer. After mixing with permanganate, ferric chloride (coagulant) and powdered activated carbon (PAC for taste and odor control) are added in a second converted rapid mixer.

Water then flows to two parallel solids contact clarifiers, Tonka Water’s TriClear™ equipment. Lime slurry is added at the clarifiers, followed by re-carbonation prior to rapid sand filtration. After filtration, a side stream (approximately 90% of plant flow) is passed through the Tonka Water Organix™ system for purposes of disinfection by-product precursor removal. Tonka Water furnished three 8’ diameter vessels with Thermax A72 MP resin. After ion exchange, the water is blended in a pipeline before delivery to the clearwell and final disinfection with chlorine.

With easy integration into existing facilities for both ground and surface water treatment, Organix™ is ideal for superior TOC, DOC, and color removal. With no moving parts, it is easy to operate and maintain consistent water quality. Other features include intermittent or continuous operation, adaptation for seasonal use and SCADA compatible. Organix™ is the most cost-effective, customized, and user-friendly solution to the complex challenge of organics removal.

The Archbold plant is performing well, and has been exceeding expectations since commissioning. Tonka Water is proud to have assisted the community in achieving its treatment goals.

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