Location: Bayard, NE

The City of Bayard, Nebraska was experiencing rising nitrate levels in their water and made the decision to pre-purchase a water treatment system to address the nitrate concerns. In addition to the nitrate levels, they also had constraints on their discharge and were unable to discharge to sewer. This was going to require the acquisition of additional land to dig waste lagoons. The decision to pre-purchase this equipment allowed each system to be evaluated on overall life-cycle costs including waste discharge, footprint, and salt usage. Tonka Water, a U.S. Water Brand’s Pur-IX™ system was selected due to its minimal waste and reduced salt usage when compared to other well-established ion exchange technologies. The reduced waste output associated with the Pur-IX system also allowed for the city to keep the land requirement to a minimum, further reducing costs.

The Pur-IX system applies conventional ion exchange treatment through an innovative process, allowing for a smaller footprint while ensuring the lowest waste volume. Pur-IX incorporates twenty continuously operating ion exchange vessels, fourteen of which are treating water in unison, while the remaining six vessels are regenerating. The system continuously cycles out-of-service vessels through an efficient multi-step regeneration process, automatically returning regenerated vessels back into service. Operating
this way ensures the ion exchange resin is being utilized to its maximum capacity, providing the highest level of efficiency.

The Pur-IX process generates a single continuous low flow waste stream. This eliminates the need for enhancements such as waste equalization, gradual “bleeding” to final discharge, large evaporative pond waste handling systems, or shock loading to wastewater plants.

The Bayard plant is performing well and has been meeting expectations since commissioning in 2018.

Raw WaterFinished Water
Nitrate16 mg/L

<8 mg/L

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