Quebrada Water Treatment Plant

Quebrada Water Treatment Plant

Location: Camuy, Puerto Rico

This surface water treatment plant was installed in 1996 and has been successfully operating at its rated capacity since starting up in 1997. It is designed for removal of severely spiking turbidity at a continuous design flow rate of 2 MGD. Prior to installation, the plant was operating with a “package” treatment plant, which was incapable of meeting its rated design flow and USEPA turbidity standards.

The water supply is pumped from the Camuy River to the base of the Heli-Cones™. Chemicals for flocculation, coagulation and disinfection are added prior to the Heli-Cones™. Rapid mixing is achieved via a static in-line mixer. Sludge and backwash waste are discharged to a gravity thickener and then placed in evaporative drying beds.

The two Heli-Cone™ upflow solids contact clarifiers manufactured by Tonka Water are employed to absorb the high turbidity spikes and to prepare the water for filtration. This process uses no moving parts or motors to accomplish the design goals. The Heli-Cone™ uses the force of the water as it travels in a helical path through a suspended sludge blanket. Clarified water travels over weirs by gravity to the Centralator™, a dual media filter system.

Controls consist of a Tonka Water PLC based NEMA 4 automatic control panel. This control panel automatically manages the Heli-Cone™ sludge blankets, and sequences each filter through simultaneous air and water backwash and restratification. The full treatment system can operate manually without using the PLC if required. The system is able to fully operate for extended periods without a local power supply.

The raw water analysis curve reflects the spiking turbidity levels of the Camuy River, reaching in excess of 3000 NTU. Tonka Water’s two Heli-Cone™ upflow solids contact clarifiers have been able to achieve approximately 99% NTU removal, while Centralator™ filter removes the remaining turbidity.

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