Joint Powers

Joint Powers

Location: Cities of Albertville, Hanover, St. Michael, MN

The communities of Hanover, Albertville, and St. Michael realized their common interest of providing quality water to their respective communities. To take advantage of economies of scale, they joined together to form the Joint Powers Water Board.

In 1999, the Board constructed the original water treatment plant, which provided the communities with 6 MGD of capacity. Being located within the Metro area of Minneapolis, the communities experienced rapid growth over the next several years, requiring an expansion of the plant in 2004 to provide an additional 4 MGD of capacity. Tonka Water supplied the original system with three filters in 1999, as well as the system expansion of two additional filters in 2004.

The treatment process consists of pressure aeration and chemical feed for oxidation and disinfection, followed by pressure filtration. Each of the OptaCell™ horizontal pressure filters is designed with arched plate underdrains and dual media filter bed consisting of 18” of manganese greensand and 12” of anthracite. 

The raw water analysis summarized reflects moderate concentrations of iron and manganese existing in the water. The treatment process has been highly efficient in delivering high quality water as indicated.

Raw Water
Finished Water
Iron (Fe)0.49 mg/L0.01 mg/L
Manganese0.88 mg/L0.02 mg/L

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