Trinity Bay Conservation District

Trinity Bay Conservation District

Location: Anahuac, TX

The Trinity Bay Conservation District designed an upgrade to the District’s deteriorating water distribution and plant infrastructure. In addition to elevated storage and distribution piping improvements, new water treatment plants were required to meet the district’s future growth.

Tonka Water furnished two Unitized Treatment System (UTS™) surface water treatment plants. Each plant is rated for 840 gpm and consists of an integral two-stage flocculation, tube settling and filter compartments.

Alum is added prior to the flocculation zone to assist in turbidity removal. Following flocculation, the water travels through high-efficiency tube settlers, which remove much of the solids prior to filtration. The filter beds consist of garnet sand, silica sand and an anthracite cap, and utilize Tonka Water’s Simul-Wash™ backwash system.

The water treatment plant as designed brings current state-of-the-art technology to maximize treatment plant production and minimize operating costs. The Trinity Bay Conservation District is very pleased with the performance of the UTS™ plants. The Tonka Water treatment equipment supplied on this project is extremely efficient in delivering high quality drinking water as indicated below.

Raw Water
Clarified Water
Finished Water
Turbidity60-280 NTU<1.5 NTU  < 0.03 NTU


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