City of Attica

City of Attica

Location: Attica, OH

Attica is a small community in north central Ohio. The original water treatment plant—built over 50 years ago—extracted water directly from Honey Creek, but could no longer meet treatment requirements and capacity demands. The Village Council determined that the plant was not conducive to retrofit or expansion and the village needed an updated treatment system with a reliable supply.  Tonka Water assisted in developing an efficient treatment process to replace the old concrete structure with three UTS™ modular surface water treatment units. Honey Creek water is now pumped to a reservoir system and then into the UTS treatment units after significant sedimentation has occurred. With improved influent turbidity levels in the range of 3 to 23 NTU, a pilot study was conducted to ensure exceptional finished water quality which meets stringent Ohio EPA requirements. The new plant removes trace amounts of iron and manganese as well as turbidity.

Each UTS™ surface water treatment unit is rated for 175 GPM and consists of an integral two-stage flocculation compartment, tube settling, and filter compartments. The design contains full system redundancy as two of the units can operate at the plant design loading rate, while one unit is out of service. Upstream reservoirs allow the water to settle prior to treatment, providing a more consistent influent water quality to the plant. The filters contain a dual media1 of silica sand with an anthracite cap, and are supplied with Tonka Water’s Simul-Wash™ backwash system. 

Attica wanted one main plant control system (PCP). The highly-automated PCP provided by Tonka Water operates all aspects of the water treatment plant including water influent and effluent pumps, chemical feed, chlorine analyzers, and filter backwash functions.

Attica has a modern, highly efficient plant producing high quality water with minimal operator involvement required.

Raw Water
Finished Water
Turbidity3-23 NTU<0.1 NTU

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