City of Burkburnett

City of Burkburnett

Location: Burkburnett, Texas

Due to rising levels of nitrate within its well fields, the City of Burkburnett pursued a fast track project to upgrade its water treatment plant and ensure the continued supply of safe, high-quality drinking water. After reviewing a number of treatment options, the city decided to design the plant around Tonka Water’s proposed Nion-IX™nitrate removal and RidION™ softening systems. Nitrate removal and hardness reduction are accomplished using an innovative ion exchange process prior to distribution.

This is the first municipal nitrate removal plant using ion exchange operating in the state of Texas.

The water treatment facility incorporates four 10’ diameter ion exchange vessels. Two Nion-IX™ vessels are designed with anion ion exchange resin for nitrate removal and two RidION™ vessels include cation resin for water softening. The water is first treated for hardness reduction to achieve a blended level of 150 mg/l hardness. Prior to this plant coming online, the townspeople had to rely on home softeners to get this type of water quality. This softened water is then treated by anion ion exchange resin to remove the nitrate. The city’s treatment process has multiple built-in safety checks that ensure that the water leaving the plant is not only safe to drink, but well under the USEPA and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) nitrate regulation limit.

This process is controlled by a state of the art PLC control panel. The controller has the ability to automatically regenerate each vessel independently once a selected amount of water has passed through the vessels. The PLC also receives feedback from online flowmeters and automatically adjusts flows to the vessels based on this input. Nitrate levels are measured manually and recorded.

The water analysis summarized below reflects the high efficiency achieved by the Tonka Water treatment process in delivering quality drinking water.

Raw Water
Finished Water
Nitrate (NO3)20 mg/L<8 mg/L
Total Hardness (CaCO3)350 mg/L150 mg/L

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